i curse with my soul,
i love with my heart,
i forgive with my pains,
and it will be so to my last breath,

so nothing can hurt me more,
your silence is no cruel,
but the reflection,
you must face in this broken mirror of yours,

don`t you know,
forgiveness is a gift,
so without a drift,
i only have three words to tell you,

i love you.



  1. The story of this poem is strange i was working on some footages i filmed in Cambodia, in the concentration camp S-24 and the Killing fields.
    does i means i forgive Pol Pot?
    Forgiveness is natural as water to me but it does not means i forgot....Herve xxx

  2. powerful. True that forgiveness doesnt always mean forgetting.

  3. Some people lie and say they forgive, but make you suffer little by little every single day until there is nothing left but an empty shell.

  4. while speling the same forgiveness a chance to be happy again by cleansing u heart not to forget does not all the same venon, or once has no learn the difference of the two. u can walk free and not to forget often remain a speckle of souvenir in 1 mind, but it does not stop them, to replainned a seed and start allover again....remenber my friend, thank for the kind words

  5. will there is nothing to make suffer empty schel, their karma is already done