If you had flew away, I could not have bear the thought or so I felt.


Today, all those grubby memories, wrecked and sharp,

We both know we could bleed facing them!

I bended on my knees and filled my eyes with shatter mirror glass.

Once upon a time, joy, hope and love,

Heaven ‘garden, it was real,

But I was blind and believe you gave me your vision,

When my heart was leaping in my chest!

Don`t you feel sorry, honey wipe those tears,

This is only the rain running along your cheeks.

A pinch of wind, the mask is ready, the clown is out…

No pain, no game, no true, no love…

There is no secret to it,

Life is opening, like an animal, I keep fighting,

I reach for honesty, love and true are my only goal!

Honey, if you knew how hard,

Gravity has tries to pull me down since months,

And I shall keep dancing upon my empty grave.

An old man came; I was close to despair,

He smile at me with crooked teeth’s,

Holding his tools, ready were his hands,

While mine was still writing to an illusion!

The walls was forever white,

Rooms and camisoles smell of ether and despair.

In a foetal position, I look the timeworn man,

Carving the marble tomb,

Before I knew, I could see my name,

I shut my mind, forgot my own words,

Focusing upon my strength and all vanished…

There is no fears, no ghosts, broken promises,

Because I stood up and stare back in Jesus Christ!

Life raped my soul and i throwed away the garbage’s.

Today, I travel like an animal,

Feeding upon the rest of humanity!

Free and running from corrupted societies,

Until I reach mental liberty,

Then I will let go from every "yesterday"

And shall rest upon the land of the free!




Today would be the day,

If I did not woke up from fairies tales.

This is no day to died,

I am going to delay my sins,

What happens? Silly me!

Letters, words, calls,

I guess, we all wanted to go to Hollywood,

The smell of decay felt like achievement,

Today could be the day,

But I shall die another night,

And seating still, I kept silence,

Watching you, craving for success…

Close your eyes and you might see me,

Keep open your senses,

And play the part,

We know, who pulled the trigger,

And I survived the betray,

The bullet never came!

Few syllables penned on a page,

But no letters drifted in my loneliness,

Potentials turned to bullets,

So I close all exits!

To find my way to freedom,

And so, I shall die another night…