it is a perfect day to feel a little morbid...
the winds fill the ears of the trees with painful melodies
and tears of the sky fill their being with long forgotten sorrow...
the earth shakes with tremor, like a sobbing body,
the groung opens, with a hideous smile, dribbling with red
glowing spit, waiting to swallow some hazardous victim...
tornadoes are dancing, deadly ballet of nature, taking to their
frenzy, anyone to their fancy!
leaving the stage empty, apart from the spotlight of the
thunder and the dying sound of the storm....
the rain will wash away the last remain, witness of his beauty.
behind the great shadow, the sun is waiting to take the
stage and rob his friends from the applause again...




 Goddess forgive me,

If the agony crash me under your spell,

It was the impulsion of the lover!

No killer ever loved you,

Your purple eyes staring back at the water,

The river was playing your requiem,

The back of my hand,

Gently stroking your hair,

Black, Cleopatra shinning,

No queens or kings could rob such jewels!

I came close to your ear,

Whispering the three magic words,

You simply turned toward me,

And let me a strawberry kiss,

And before I knew,

You simply were staring back at the stream.

I took hold of the rock,

And silence grabs my hand,

The stone was dripping of blood,

Along with my arms shirt,

Her skull crack, her face half down the grass.

Your eyes open, I took my porcelain doll,

To the place we saw often play,

Today it shall be our secret bed,

So petite, so tiny, my precious!

A couch made of dead flowers,

We both, bodies lay in dried roses,

Evening heavens tainted by shooting stars,

This is a perfect daylight,

The last nocturnal summer curtain,

Her dress made of silk, came out like a glove,

I placed my lips upon her mouth,

To sealed our cold alliance,

“We”, now shall be for eternity one!

Two bodies naked, the love we shall never made,

Shall be the most striking.

My goddess slowly turning to marble,

I press my warm flesh upon the stone,

Blue turn your lips seem to spell the right verse,

But mortis stiff have other strategies,

I can see my reflection in the glazing of your purple eyes,

Night have already falls,

And I remember the promise you asked me,

I discharge the small amount of clothes on me,

Dispose them in the fury of the water,

Bend over to pick up my delicate doll,

And both naked, glue together,

My grey torture visions catch the water moonlight,

It is time, whisper three thousands time the second,

To travel to the ocean,

There was a loud splash and tiny noises,

As one, we both drifted under the river bed,

Breathing water, necrophilia lullaby!




Sunday dawns, holy songs,

Sweating through the divine gates,

Seats on the verge of the streets,

The whispers of the little mistiness,

Well hidden in your soul,

Gossip the similar dreams,

But one can smell the blade!

His hands so tiny,

Holding the samurai,

Indeed, god enigmatic conducts,

As the child-man pushed open the church!

Few parishes’ kept holding the note high,

In trance, affront of the crucified man,

Verses and screams bounce again the walls!

One, two, three, a sharp stroke,

No blood, few pieces of plaster,

As Jesus Christ` head decapitated rolled along the way,

He turns his back to his audience,

Glitter and devil dust sparkle,

As he fined his Mary, paralyse by chock!

Empty as her eyes lock on his blade!

No songs, no verses or sermons,

Before anyone’s knew,

Her face turn blue as the samurai stroke her throat!

Sunday dress soaks by the blood of Christ!

Like a dismantled doll!

She kept sat for what seems eternity,

Until, her young flesh gently felt to the ground!

The tiny hands let goes of the blade,

The voices have stopped,

In the dust, he search and grabbed her cold fingers,

Holding tight, all silence and shadows,

Appears without any warning,

Absolution, the wind of the lord swallows it all… 




If you had flew away, I could not have bear the thought or so I felt.


Today, all those grubby memories, wrecked and sharp,

We both know we could bleed facing them!

I bended on my knees and filled my eyes with shatter mirror glass.

Once upon a time, joy, hope and love,

Heaven ‘garden, it was real,

But I was blind and believe you gave me your vision,

When my heart was leaping in my chest!

Don`t you feel sorry, honey wipe those tears,

This is only the rain running along your cheeks.

A pinch of wind, the mask is ready, the clown is out…

No pain, no game, no true, no love…

There is no secret to it,

Life is opening, like an animal, I keep fighting,

I reach for honesty, love and true are my only goal!

Honey, if you knew how hard,

Gravity has tries to pull me down since months,

And I shall keep dancing upon my empty grave.

An old man came; I was close to despair,

He smile at me with crooked teeth’s,

Holding his tools, ready were his hands,

While mine was still writing to an illusion!

The walls was forever white,

Rooms and camisoles smell of ether and despair.

In a foetal position, I look the timeworn man,

Carving the marble tomb,

Before I knew, I could see my name,

I shut my mind, forgot my own words,

Focusing upon my strength and all vanished…

There is no fears, no ghosts, broken promises,

Because I stood up and stare back in Jesus Christ!

Life raped my soul and i throwed away the garbage’s.

Today, I travel like an animal,

Feeding upon the rest of humanity!

Free and running from corrupted societies,

Until I reach mental liberty,

Then I will let go from every "yesterday"

And shall rest upon the land of the free!




Today would be the day,

If I did not woke up from fairies tales.

This is no day to died,

I am going to delay my sins,

What happens? Silly me!

Letters, words, calls,

I guess, we all wanted to go to Hollywood,

The smell of decay felt like achievement,

Today could be the day,

But I shall die another night,

And seating still, I kept silence,

Watching you, craving for success…

Close your eyes and you might see me,

Keep open your senses,

And play the part,

We know, who pulled the trigger,

And I survived the betray,

The bullet never came!

Few syllables penned on a page,

But no letters drifted in my loneliness,

Potentials turned to bullets,

So I close all exits!

To find my way to freedom,

And so, I shall die another night…