India runs through my veins,

Middle Asia, give me one last shoot!

A baisé of Shiva, lick my sins,

And I saw your picture,

Pinned in the back of the shop,

Parvati ready to fight me,

Duality, angels and demons,

Ripped me with thousand arms,

Because I ridded Ganesha,

To take me to the feet’s of Skanda.

Shiva, my loving third eyes,

Blue makeup on your nails,

Hermaphrodite and asexual,

Rob me from all my beauty,

Deliverance all of my sins!

Honeys bee sucking on purity,

Whisper the songs of the mystics,

Mother India, chaos in my head,

wrecked to piece my heart,

With all bestiality and beauty,

Children’s legless, blind give me your eyes,

To never forget mother India.



  1. My god you write with such anger, passion,love,hate...I'm always entranced. Beautiful.

    BTW: I visited your utube page..that video is fucking hot! :)

  2. suprise me then!!! and i will surprise with the most succulent dice you ever had! ;) it might not be you usual ingredients but i have a feelings, you would lick your lips and ask for more ahahahaha

  3. What a fantastically constructed literary pistol whip!

  4. glad to see you back.
    keep sharing.

    join poetry picnic today at 2pm or after.