Nothing ever last,
Such are graphic remains,
Who once upon a time,
Questions probably the same?
Spinning in my head…

Another legacy of Pol Pot!
I don’t ask for eternity but justice,
Today bones, yesterday vibrant beings,
Tell me such empty logic,
Before my faith choose to let go…

What were their names?
Their dreams, hopes and faiths,
Still under the tortures,
Who was there?
Holding their hands?

Can make any sense of it all,
And history keep repeating itself,
Postcard from Cambodia,
Death, tortures, killing field,
I guess nothing ever last…



  1. Pol Pot... evil fucker... what a photo... good poem man.

    You may like this sone of mine -


    Take it easy bro


  2. POWERFUL! wow, glad I found your blog.


  3. thanks for linking up.
    your imagery is powerful.

  4. thank you, i know this no the usual happy or unhappy broken love but i spend 2007/ 2008 in asia amd spend a long time in Cambodia, i was lucky to filmed some incredible footages, s-24 concentration camps and the killing fileds.
    this is a photo i extracted it from the video i was fliming, i am actually working on making a small documentary about it, i am horrified to see, and meet so many peoples who never hear of Pol pot, his genocide was worse then hitlher, it kill more then 50 % of his peoples!
    someone has to do something and show the true. i was in two mind to publish this photo i did, i did not want to be disrespecful, and i guess the poetry with it, proove this, but sometimes you have to show the teality as it is! thank u for u text, Hx

  5. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/11/16/moods-are-like-dark-woods-4-potluck-week-10/

    I see, experiences do inspire poetry.
    great job.

    treats from you to claim via the link.
    Happy Wednesday!

  6. Great poem. Seems I remember someone being put to death for wearing glasses. EEPS!

  7. From dust we were taken, to dust we will return. Skeletons are an excellent reminder. Interesting work!